TTB- Episode 1 – Faux Show goes Through the Breach

And now for something completely different!

Faux Show has begun a Through the Breach campaign via skype.  Tao Newton-Breese will be hosting the adventure as Fate Master.  Episode 1 includes individual introductory adventures for Marko Stechollo (played by Rob Howell) and Dorian the Red (played by Mark Handford).

Stay tuned for Faux Show TTB- Episode 2 and the introductory adventures of two more players!

Episode 11 – Breaching the Faux

We’re back, right on monthly schedule with Episode 11!  Mark goes into some detail on his escapades down to Portland and the Breaching the Faux tournament, Tao and Mark discuss how not to get butt-hurt during games, and we round out the episode with some talk of WetCoast and general gaming life.

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Interested in finding out how to get the most out of a specific master, crew, or model?  Get in touch with Tao with your requests and he’ll break them for you and we’ll discuss in future episodes!

Show Notes:

(Music –Nerdist Presents Team Unicorn’s Star Wars parody of Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass. No Rebels.)
00:00 – Intro, followed by Breaching the Faux recap
(Music break – Axis of Awesome – Rage of Thrones)
41:45 – (don’t get) Butt Hurt
(Music break – The Key of Awesome – Somebody that I used to Know parody)
50:34 – WetCoast and general gaming talk
(Music break – Weird Al – Smells like Nirvana)
1:01:45 –  ? Mystery segment!
1:04:00 – Outro 
(Music- Henri Mancini – Peter Gunn Theme)

Episode 10 – Cats, Pacifiers, and Indiegogo

Faux Show turns 10 with Episode 10 (yeah, I said it, no don’t go count them…).  Tao and Mark are joined by Ash Barker who talks about his journey to Indiegogo to start Guerilla Miniature Games and create the highest quality tabletop gaming video content.  We briefly touch on Collodi in the Master Debaters and more reminiscing on recent conventions at the Honeypot Lounge.

I’m a little rusty on the editor but it should be headphone-friendly and not cause your ears to bleed, except at about 27:25 where I cut in Rebecca Black’s Friday at Adrian Scott’s request (@Dranthar on Twitter or Rathnard on the Wyrd forums).  This may be news to many of you, but Thursday comes before Friday, which is followed by Saturday and then Sunday.  I know, mind blown!

Check out Ash’s Indiegogo campaign here (, donate if you can or just send him a message to let him know if you’re stoked to see what he’s gonna come up with!

Show Notes:

(Music – ZZ Top: La Grange)
00:00 – Intro, and meet Ash Barker

(Pacifier break – Rebecca Black- Friday, send hate mail to Adrian Scott (@Dranthar on Twitter or Rathnard on Wyrd forums)
(Pacifier break – Monster Magnet – Big God)
40:40 – Master Debater (Collodi)
(Pacifier break – Mindless Self Indulgence – Tom Sawyer)
54:45 – Honeypot Lounge
(Technical difficulty break – Beastie Boys – Intergalactic)
1:18:45 –  Outro (Music- Henri Mancini – Peter Gunn Theme)

Episode 8 – Pre-Gencon Chat

Episode 8 has arrive, paradoxically before Episode 7!  In efforts not to distrupt the time/space continuum I have decided to release Episode 8 now, while it’s pertinent, before episode 7, which was recorded first.  If doing so causes a mighty asteroid to impact the Earth killing us all, let me apologize for the inconvenience in advance.

In Episode 8 Tao and Mark are joined by Adrian aka “Rathnard” for a quick chat before Mark and Adrian leave for Gencon. Find out all about our plans, hopes and dreams as we prepare for the Wyrd convention of the year.

Show Notes:

(Music – Ramones: Hey Ho, Let’s Go)
00:00 – GENCON!
28:30 – Outro (Music- Henri Mancini – Peter Gunn Theme)


Episode 6 – Sexy Craig Does Adepticon

In Episode 6 Tao and Mark are joined by “Sexy Craig” and hear all about his awesome trip to Adepticon (I know… that was a while ago now……), and in Brown Warrior’s Gamer Talk we discuss playing against challenging opponents to better your game (and also to challenge your opponents!).  For Master Debators Craig gives us the goods on Mei Feng and Tao touches briefly on Von Schill and Marcus. Tales from Beyond the Breach is absent this week so as not to delay the release further, but it WILL be back in Episode 7: The Search for More Money.

Craig’s Blog can be found here:

Show Notes:

(Music – Butthole Surfers: Pepper)
00:00 – Intro

01:20 – Honeypot Lounge
(Music – Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Y Control)
5:34 – Sexy Craig’s Adepticon Trip
(Music – Game of Thrones: Peter Dinklage from
50:09 – Brown Warriors Gamer Talk – Challenging yourself and your opponent
(Music – Apocalyptica: Ion)
1:11:46 – Master Debators (Mei Feng, and briefly Von Schill & Marcus)
1:29:14 – Outro (Music- Henri Mancini – Peter Gunn Theme)


Episode 5 – Visions of Flame

In Episode 5 Dan is MIA, while Tao and Mark debut a new segment discussing our experiences playing our crews, with this episode showcasing Sonnia and Von Schill.  Brown Warrior’s Gamer Talk touches on keeping it fresh and not getting burnt out on a game.  Tao revisits his chat with Bill from the Gamer’s Lounge (Episode 88 if you’re WWX curious) and we wrap up with some local banter.  We were hoping to get some recording done with Dan for some info on Walpurgis which is fast approaching but it will have to wait until next episode.

Show Notes:

(Music – Led Zepplin: Immigrant Song)
00:00 – Intro

01:12 – Honeypot Lounge
(Music – Incubus: Pardon Me)
4:27 – Master Debaters (Sonnia & Von Schill)
(Music – Marilyn Manson: Sweet Dreams)
24:31 – Brown Warriors Gamer Talk – Keepin it fresh
32:00 – Tales from Beyond the Breach – “The Kid and The Reaper” by El Indio
(Music – Ennio Morricone: Ecstasy of Gold)
40:34 – Tao Talks (Gamer’s Lounge guest spot, WWX, and Vancouver Island gaming)
1:28:23 – Outro (Music- Henri Mancini – Peter Gunn Theme)


Episode 4 – Con-errific Con-ness

Faux Show is back with an episode of Con-errific Con-ness.

For Episode 4 we are joined by Matt Stanley to learn about the Malifaux events at the NOVA Open.  For Brown Warrior’s Gamer Talk we discuss list originality and net listing.  Tales from Beyond the Breach is back this episode, and we finish off reliving Gottacon which the hosts attended on Feb 28-Mar 2.

Show Notes:

(Music – Chemical Brothers: Let Forever Be)
00:00 – Intro
(Music – Kill Bill Vol. 1: Battle Without Honor Or Humanity)
01:12 – NOVA Open discussion
(Music – Jimmy Eat World – Pain)
28:07 – Brown Warrior’s Gamer Talk: List Originality vs Net Listing
(Music – Holly McNarland – The Box)
43:28 – Tales from Beyond the Breach – “In the Shadow of the Giant Black Mountains” by Hateful Darkblack
(Music – Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction)
51:30 – Gottacon 2014 Recap
1:28:23 – Outro (Music- Henri Mancini – Peter Gunn Theme)


Episode 3 – This Just In

This Just In, Justin joins us for Episode Three!

Today we have a very impromtu chat with Justin Gibbs of Wyrd Miniatures (I found him lurking on Twitter itching to discuss all things Malifaux).  Following that, Justin joins us at the Honey Pot Lounge, where we try to teach him all about the nectar-of-the-gods, the Caesar; and also for Brown Warrior’s Gamer Talk and a discussion on mind-games you can play with your opponent to gain an advantage.  In Dan’s Mud Pit we discuss starting a local “game night”, and we introduce the Tales from Beyond the Breach storytelling segment before finishing off the episode mostly with various plugs and thank-you’s.

We hope you enjoy!

There’s lots of fun stuff to check out this episode, here’s some links!
Guild Ball ( – Kickstarter coming SOON!
Fools Daily podcast (Episodes 18-22 focus on Guild Ball)
Malifaux: Tyrants of Painting  ( for more info or ask Ben, @Psientologist, on Twitter)
Walpurgis GT, Bellingham, May 3-4, 2014 (

Show Notes:

(Music – Kill Bill Vol. 1: Battle Without Honor Or Humanity)
00:00 – Intro and Beta Discussion with Justin
(Music – Sublime: 40oz. to Freedom)
16:05 – Sharing the Brilliance at the Honey Pot Lounge
(Music – Fatboy Slim: Weapon of Choice)
26:08 – Brown Warrior’s Gamer Talk: Mind Games
(Music – David Bowie: Afraid of Americans)
36:50 – Dan’s Mud Pit: Starting Up Game Nights
(Music – White Stripes: Seven Nation Army)
44:50 – Tales from Beyond the Breach – “Icebound” by ScrewdUpDice
(Music – The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony)
54:08 – Tale of Malifaux Bloggers
59:53 – Commentaries on Compelling Kickstarters – Guild Ball
1:02:16 – Malifaux: Tyrants of Painting (#MFXTOP on Twitter)
1:04:10 – A few shout-outs to Local game stores
1:07:00 – Walpurgis GT 2014
1:08:35 – Outro (Music- Henri Mancini – Peter Gunn Theme)


Episode 2 – Better, Stronger, Faster

Welcome back to Faux Show, Episode Two!

Sit back and have a listen as Dan runs through his recommendations on fast, furious, and fun demo games, Mark talks Deadzone, and Tao drives home the importance of having confidence to win games.  You may laugh and/or hurl as Tao describes a beverage made from common household items, and we end the show with a bit more Gottacon discussion.

Also, we’re now on i-Tunes!

Show Notes:

(Music – Blues Brothers: Everybody Needs Somebody to Love)
00:00 – Intro + Hobby Talk

03:33 – Commentaries on Compelling Kickstarters: Deadzone 
(Music – Molotov: Apocalypsh*t)
10:50 – Sharing the Brilliance at the Honey Pot Lounge
(Music – Queens of the Stoneage: Burn the Witch)
15:42 – Dan’s Mud Pit: Demo Games
(Music – Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster)
33:11 – Brown Warrior’s Gamer Talk: “Winning” Gaming Mindsets
(Music – Monster Magnet: Melt)
47:22 – Gottacon: Sign up NOW! (
53:14 – Outro (Music- Henri Mancini – Peter Gunn Theme)


Episode 1 – The Really Big Intro

Welcome to the Faux Show! Your hosts Dan, Tao, and Mark are excited to bring you this new podcast.  In this episode we introduce ourselves and how we met, share our first (sometimes hilarious) impressions of each other, as well as giving a quick run down of future segments we plan to regularly include in the show.  We finish it off with a discussion on Gottacon, a big convention in Victoria, BC which is coming up at the end of February.

As an aside, in future we’ll make a point of announcing breaks (musical interludes were a bit abrupt in this episode but I felt it better than letting the conversation run…).  Amateurs, ha!

Show Notes:

00:00- Intro + Introductions
04:14- How we met
09:45 Our first impressions of each other
14:55 Share the Brilliance at the Honeypot Lounge
18:15 Overview of future segments
24:44 Gottacon 2014 discussion (
30:38 Last words
33:28 Outro (Music: Henry Mancini – Peter Gunn Theme)

Musical Interludes:
Arrogant Worms – Canada’s Really Big

I’ll just leave this here: Dan drunkenly accepting the award for Best (and only) Tomb Kings player in Vegas a few years back.  He really does Canada proud.